For the proper functioning of our association, we would like to inform you (or have you informed) about the association, sports activities and offers and the like. We also want to place schedules, match results and sometimes photos and videos of you on the internet, social media and other communication channels. With this form, we ask you permission to use your data for this purpose.

With this form, I (hereinafter: the undersigned) give R.S.T.V. Passing Shot (hereinafter: association) permission to process data about me.

I grant the association permission for the data processing operations ticked below:

– Contacting me for (sports) activities of third parties, for example, other sports clubs or social service providers.

– Publish, for example, photos and/or videos of me on the internet, social media and other communication channels of the association.

– Including my (pass, team) photo & name in the Almanac or the association magazine.

– To make me a former member automatically on unsubscription, unless I indicate in writing that I do not want to be contacted for former members, activities or other important events.

– The provision of data to third parties that are necessary for the implementation of the Agreement that the association has with you unless the association is legally obliged to provide your personal data to these third parties. (These third parties are specified in the A.V.G. statement or the privacy policy, which can be found online on the associations website.)

My consent applies only to the reasons, data and organisations described above. For new data processing the association asks me again for permission.

I may revoke my consent at any time.