Club of 50

Club of 50

The Club of 50 was created especially for those who want Passing Shot a warm have a heart and want to show that by means of a financial contribution.

The Club van 50 was founded in honor of Passing Shot’s 50th anniversary. The Club of 50 is for everyone who cares about the association and who would like to give something extra to the association. For only €50 per year you can become a member (as an individual, group of friends, board, committee, etc.). The money raised is used to benefit as many members as possible and is therefore not simply spent on kegs over a drink. In exchange for the financial contribution, you will receive an honorable mention on the website and in the almanac, stating how long you have been sponsoring the association. But that’s not all, if you stay a member of the Club of 50 for longer, you also get more in return. In your second year, your name (or the name of your group) will be hung on a beautiful silver nameplate in the clubhouse of Tennis Park Kralingen. After four years, this will become a gold nameplate.

So do you want to contribute to our beautiful association as a (former) member? Register via the button below!

Club of 50-members

2 year members
    o Duko Drijfhout
    o Bram Snijders & Marleen Dijkstra
    o Edwin Huisman
    o Dirk Jan Kreder
    o Robin Seetz
    o Jasper de Ruijsscher
    o Ruben Timmermans
    o Het 50e Bestuur “Walk Over To The Bar”
    o Activiteiten Commissie 2018-2019
    o Daan Peeters