The board of the R.S.T.V. Passing Shot is responsible for the ins and outs of the association. The board is appointed every September during the General Members’ Meeting, and is changed annually, as is customary in student associations. The board usually consists of students who have been involved in the association for some time. Board members are expected to be actively present throughout the year at club afternoons and evenings, tournaments, competition days and other activities. The board must account to the members twice a year, during the Semi-annual General Members’ Meeting (HALV) and during the General Members’ Meeting (GM).

Luca Neefjes

The chairman of the board is ultimately responsible for all board tasks and heads the association. Externally, she is the face of and signboard for the club. She is involved in negotiations and agreements with, for example, Erasmus Sport and Tennis Park Kralingen. Internally, she ensures that everyone on her board is included and focuses on achieving the long-term goals that are set. The chairman is the conductor of the vision of the current board and is the point of contact for all members for a year. She also acts as chairperson of the (biannual) general members’ meeting.

The secretary of the board is responsible for the membership administration. It keeps files in which all data of members, former members and honorary members can be found, and processes registrations and deregistrations throughout the year. In addition, she ensures that all information is entered correctly at the Dutch tennis association, and that all members are entitled to play all year round and are in possession of a federation card.

Linde Bakens

Thomas Mooij

The treasurer of the board is responsible for the finances of the association. He ensures that the annual budget presented at the GMM is adhered to by all board and committee members, and that all financial transactions are accounted for responsibly. The treasurer also handles all contribution debits, as well as the collections for training sessions, competition, activities, etc. At the end of the year, the treasurer presents the financial report of his board year, and he is accountable to the GMM for the pursued financial policy.

The technical commissioner of Passing Shot is responsible for all tennis related matters within the association. Together with the competition leader, he ensures that the spring and autumn competitions run smoothly. He is also responsible for appointing trainers and organizing the training groups, and he organizes a special internal tournament every month. In addition, the technical commissioner works together with the technical commission in tennis-related matters such as performance tennis and selection training.

Technical commissioner
Marijn Smits

Internal commissioner
Timber Johnson

The internal auditor is the last and youngest position on the board; the first internal commissioner started in 2011, after the Editor position was abolished. The internal commissioner is, among other things, responsible for the activities committee and the media committee. The activities committee organizes various traditional and new activities throughout the year, as well as some external tournaments. The Internal Commissioner is also responsible for the weekly mail and social media. In addition to these two committees, the Commissioner is usually also internally appointed to lead a number of smaller committees, such as the website committee.

The old boards