Passing Shot participates every spring in the spring competition organized by the KNLTB; the highlight of every tennis season. PS is usually active with a number of teams in the regionally organized district competition on Saturday, but most teams play the national competition on Sunday. In 2014, a total of 4 teams played on Saturday, and 13 on Sunday. The competition is played at all levels, from 9 to 2, from the lowest classes to 3rd class mixed. Characteristic of the spring competition at Passing Shot is that there are not fixed teams that play together for years, as with most citizens’ associations. The PS team layout is just as dynamic as the membership base. Participants come and go and the teams are changed annually. Although tennis is played fanatically at all levels, a friendly atmosphere is of course very important during the spring competition. All participants are expected to be enthusiastic during the spring competition and to return to the Ice Club in the evening after an away game. On Sunday evening, following the competition, activities are organized such as the karaoke or the closing barbecue. Of course, the champions are honored and the higher teams are closely followed, but during the competition at Passing Shot, tennis players of all levels can feel at home. The spring competition belongs to everyone!

At Passing Shot, the competition leader is responsible for the smooth running of the competition. He prepares the entry form, draws up the rules and conditions, composes the layout, and is concerned during the competition with the match forms, the tennis balls and the layout of the court. Together with the captains of the teams, he also looks for substitutes if necessary. The captains are responsible for completing the competition forms and entering the results on MijnKNLTB.

Spring competition

Fall competition

For some time now, Passing Shot has also been participating in the autumn competition. Although the set-up is similar to that of the spring competition, the autumn competition is usually less serious in nature, and the main focus is on conviviality. The autumn competition is particularly suitable for lower-level players, but higher-level players are also participating more and more fanatically in the autumn competition. In the past, the autumn competition was always played exclusively on Saturdays, and overcrowded teams had to share the courts of the tennis park with the many teams of LTC Kralingen. From 2014, the autumn competition will be organized nationally, and will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. This means that Passing Shot will move to Sunday with the most teams, just like during the spring competition.

From 2013, the team battle is held every year during the spring competition. In this, the Passing Shot competition teams compete against each other. Points are earned for the ranking with excellent performances, student-like actions, advertisements or striking statements. The TC keeps this score in a completely subjective way and at the end names one team as the winner of the team battle.

Team battle