About us

R.S.T.V. Passing Shot was founded in 1969 by two students at the time, Eugène Vingerhoeds and Cor Ridderhof. Tennis was played on four tennis courts, located where the T-building now stands. In the early years, higher-level tennis players were especially attracted to come and play at Passing Shot. The current PassingShot has 750 members! In addition to tennis, it also gives members the opportunity to participate in committees and many activities.

Passing Shot is a sports association affiliated with Erasmus Sport. This means that PS is partly subsidized by Erasmus Sport, and that all members of Passing Shot must be in possession of a valid sports card at all times during their membership. During the season, Passing Shot occasionally collaborates with Erasmus Sport to organize activities.

About us

The Board

The board of the R.S.T.V. Passing Shot is responsible for the ins and outs of the association. The board is appointed every September during the General Members’ Meeting, and is changed annually, as is customary in student associations. The board usually consists of students who have been involved in the association for some time. Board members are expected to be actively present throughout the year at club afternoons and evenings, tournaments, competition days and other activities. The board must account to the members twice a year, during the Semi-annual General Members’ Meeting (HALV) and during the General Members’ Meeting (GM).

Passing Shot houses many committees to make the experiences within this association even more fun! There is, for example, a party committee, an editorial committee, an activities committee, and a media committee. These and many other committees ensure that the members of Passing Shot can enjoy other activities besides tennis!