The Activities Committee is the central committee responsible for organizing activities and events during the season. The range of activities that is put on the program by the AC differs per year, and many nice ideas have been reviewed in history. For example, the Midwinter night tournament was created so long ago that no one can really remember why this tournament is held in the summer. Also, the Sinterklaas drink and the New Year’s brol are annual activities. In addition, the activities committee occasionally tries to create a new activity. In any case, the AC ensures that there is something to do at any time of the year.

Eurekaweek is invaluable for the membership recruitment of our association. The vast majority of the new members of Passing Shot register in or after Eurekaweek. That is why it is very important that this week goes smoothly. To this end, the Eurekaweek Committee is appointed by the Board. Of course, during Eurekaweek, in addition to the committee, the commitment and enthusiasm of all active members is also counted on. As a result, Passing Shot is represented during the Eurekaweek at the opening, the sports day, the information market, the festival, and often all the parties that are organized in the evening. The Eurekaweek goers are explained what makes Passing Shot so unique as a tennis club, and what sets us apart from other traditional student associations. If everything goes well and good, we will count ourselves many PS’ers at the end of the week, and we can all start a nice new season.



In addition to playing tennis, There is also a lot of time for fun at Passing Shot. For example, once every two weeks a drink is organized at Bierlokaal Locus Publicus, where the tennis rackets are exchanged for a beer. Whether you are a new member, old member, young or old, everyone is welcome and can join at any time! At the get-togethers there is plenty of room to chat and to get to know new people. The drink is also used for the announcement of themes, competition teams, winter sports locations and sometimes the board distributes a keg on behalf of the association. Prior to the drinks, committees can have a nice bite to eat with each other and after the drinks there is always a group that goes somewhere to try a dance. By the activities committee, drinks are regularly transformed into theme drinks, in which many a PS’er appears in the most beautiful outfit and fanatically participates in games. There isn’t a more fun way to get to know other members, right?The drink is the ideal opportunity for new members to get acquainted with the active members of the association, for a competition team to get to know each other, or for former active members to pick up stories from back then. In short, leave your tennis racket at home, put on your (naughty) walking shoes and come and have a nice drink!

Every year we go with a group of between 30 and 40 people on winter sports to a location that changes every year. A good trade-off between ski and apres ski ensure a legendary week in the snow and the sun.


Members weekend

The members’ weekend is held every year at the end of the summer or in the beginning of the autumn. For this weekend, we’re leaving our tennis bags and rackets at home. The members weekend is the weekend to just enjoy the freedom of student life and to release all the brakes. We reserve our own location including dormitories, so no one has to be taken into account. In addition, the members weekend is the perfect time to integrate with the rest of the association as a new member. Because you are stuck with each other for an entire weekend, you have more than enough time to get to know each other thoroughly. An absolute must, for old and new members!

The ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament is the largest and most prestigious tennis tournament held on Dutch soil. It is the only tournament where 500 points for the world rankings can be earned. All the big names in the tennis world have been on the bills in recent years, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadel and Andy Murray. Of course, our patriotic heroes are also invariably present, including Robin Haase, Igor Sijsling and Thiemo de Bakker. And as most will know, this tournament will be held in Ahoy Rotterdam. That’s why Passing Shot takes the opportunity once a year to see the world’s best tennis players in action in person. If we keep looking at the real toppers long enough, then we will automatically get better ourselves, we always hope in vain.

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament